Wednesday, June 6, 2012

The Beginning

Yes, my fellow admirers, I have created a blog. I figured this was the best way for you all to see a glimpse of my deepest thoughts and actions right from the source. I know I have said many hateful things towards the internet, but I must say it's not too bad. This spiffy thing called Google is a real gem.

I am sure you all have been trying to reach me, and I am so sorry that I didn't get any of your fan mail for my role in Movie Maniacs: Three Moviegoers in Manhattan. I have posted many complaints to the post office that they lost them all, but they keep insisting I had no fan mail. Not to worry.

So here I am, sitting in my favorite spot in the park writing to all of you loyal fans. I must say that I have had quite a good day. I saw two very good short  films, minus the fact that I got thrown out during the second one. It shocks me to think that a theater can't appreciate when someone becomes moved by a film. So what if I decided to throw my popcorn in outrage when I found out Lucy was cheating on Billy the whole time? I am sure the theater staff wouldn't care about picking it up. It is after all just popcorn. They said I was lucky getting off with just a warning since I am such a loyal costumer, but I think otherwise. If it was up to me I wouldn't have been thrown out in the first place. Oh well, I find myself lucky that I have such a carefree attitude about life. Otherwise I would have gone mad a long time ago.

Well, I am off to lunch. I have a nice day planned out full of exciting things. I am almost done another article on Gopher so make sure you check it out. Its a real good one. There is a new foreign film playing tonight, you should all go see it. A real classic. I might even treat myself to some Dim Sum tonight....

Jolly Day!

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