Thursday, June 7, 2012

Chinese Mixup

Good day my dedicated fans,

I like blogging I think. It is nice to share and vent my daily woes to the people who care about me. I really need to vent today. It seems I just keep running into bad luck and serious miscommunications with people.

For instance, I was going to see a showing of one of my oldest and favorite movies last night. I figured I should treat myself to some Dim Sum because it was a special day. They are after all my favorite. Considering I live above the Chinese restaurant, you would think they know me or even know my order by now. But its okay I am sure they're just busy (still it would have been nice to be recognized as the almost famous actor living above them). Anyway, so I placed my order and read the newspaper as I waited hungrily for my food. But when it came out, it was not my Dim Sum, but a fish! Obviously it was not what I ordered so I kindly asked for them to take it back and give me what I ordered. Since they are Chinese and all and don't really speak English, he didn't really understand me. I studied Chinese a little bit just because I was curious about the language. I was actually pretty good. So I decided to brush up on Chinese and tell the waiter in Chinese that I want my Dim Sum. Well, I don't really know what happened after that because he started freaking out and screaming chants in Chinese. I skipped the chant chapter so I wasn't sure exactly what he was saying. Then it seemed all the waiters were screaming at me. So I started apologizing in Chinese but that made things worse. I am not quite sure, but I think they were screaming hell but I am sure I mistook it for love. Surely I did nothing wrong.

So basically that incident ended with me sitting outside, covered in what tasted like sweet and sour. I decided I am going to give them some time to cool off before I try and go back. I hope they didn't ban me, I really like Dim Sum. Hope you all have better luck the next time you order Chinese than I did.

Jolly Day!

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