Wednesday, June 6, 2012

My Pet Adventure

Good Day my People!

What a fine morning. Here I sit in my nice apartment with a steamy cup of tea. Yes I did spill the first pot down my front and received second degree burns, but that is only a minor setback to a great morning. Why might you ask am I in such a chipper mood? Well I am no longer lonely! No it is not a girlfriend, but better. A cat! Who would have thought I would have fell in love with this precious feline companion I now call Humphrey? It is marvelous to have another being around. I get to talk to him as much I want with no complications. Well no major complications. You see I found him in a shelter and I feel as though he has had some troubles in the past. If I move my arm to fast it has a tendency to scratch and hiss. And I don't think it likes when I go to the bathroom because it seems to have a fit when the toilet flushes. But no matter. I love him anyway. He is just so loving and full of life. I even posted a picture!

Ut Oh. Humphrey is hungry. Better go feed him (only sliced tuna slices, kibbles make him gasy and moody).

Jolly Day!

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