Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Mr. Misunderstood

Hello my fellow peers,

I don't know if you caught on to my witty take of this title, but yes I am feeling a little down today. It seems as if things with Leeza Saavedra have turned for the worst. I just got a letter today stating I have to go to court. Who in their right mind would ever think me, nice and good looking Larry, would ever stalk someone. I am sorry I am a man who knows what he wants. Like I said before, I wasn't stalking, just insisting she didn't ignore me. Wouldn't you have done the same? I would think or even hope so. I feel as if no one understands the true person I am. Homeless people sleep on streets and sidewalks all the time, so why was I singled out? Sure it happened to be in front of Leeza's place, but she has no proof I was stalking. People these days. Please don't flatter yourself Ms. Leeza.

I wish people, especially Leeza, could recognize my amazing talents. My acting is superb. It astounds me that not one director thinks I am as good or even better than say, Mel Gibson. What has film come to. Mel is just one huge phony (sorry Mel I didn't mean to offend). But I am just saying that I show so much more passion. When you play a character, BE the character. I find it odd that I am the only person who realizes this. That is what makes film great. People get with the program. I try so hard to get this through people's heads, but what ends up happening is me getting thrown off sets. How rude to throw out a fellow film minion who is a respected actor in the movie Movie Maniacs. I am here to help people. No I am not causing a riot. I have a shouting problem, plus you weren't listening Mr. Director. I hope next time they think twice.

Maybe a nice tea will calm my mood. Hope everyone else is having a better day then mine, it shouldn't be too hard.

Jolly Day!

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